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Let’s Look At Potential Democratic Candidates For 2020!


Just 1,436 days until Election Day 2020!

Vice-Presidential Debate Draws Lowest Viewership Since 2000


Tuesday night’s running mate debate had lower viewership than any such encounter in sixteen years.

Feel Free To Skip Tonight’s Vice-Presidential Debate, Because It’s Not Going To Matter

Mike Pence Tim Kaine

Nothing that happens tonight during the Vice-Presidential debate is likely to matter, so feel free to skip it.

Hillary Clinton Picks Tim Kaine As Her Running Mate

Hillary Clinton Tim Kaine

As expected, Hillary Clinton went with the ‘safe’ choice, and has selected Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate.

Evaluating Hillary’s Short List For Running Mates

Clinton CFR Speech

A purported ‘short list’ of potential running mates for Hillary Clinton is out. Here’s how the candidates stack up.

Clinton Campaign Looking Beyond Sanders, Looking At Potential Running Mates

Clinton CFR Speech

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is beginning to look beyond Bernie Sanders and talk about running mates.

Unless Congress Steps In To Authorize It, The President’s War Against ISIS Is Illegal

Barack Obama

As things stand right now, there is no legitimate legal authorization for the President’s war against ISIS, and that’s largely because Congress has failed to act.

Obama And Romney In Dead Heat In New Virginia Poll

Virginia Welcome Sign

Virginia could be the state that decides who controls the United States Government.

George Allen Posts Overwhelming Win In Virginia Senate Primary


Former Senator and Governor George Allen scored an overwhelming, albeit entirely entirely unsurprising win in the Virginia Republican Senate Primary yesterday: Political redemption, it seems, is almost never completely out of reach. Six years ago, after losing his Virginia Senate seat and handing control of the chamber to Democrats, George Allen hinted that he could see […]

Battleground Virginia: Senate Race, 2012 Presidential Race Basically Tied


In 2008, Virginia gave its Electoral Votes to a Democrat for the first time since 1964. Just a year later, though, saw Republicans sweep all three statewide elected offices, and last year the GOP picked up three Congressional seats from the Democrats. It’s inevitable, then, that the state will be on everyone’s radar next year, […]

Former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine Enters Senate Race


And, as has become typical of politics lately, he announced it first on Twitter and YouTube: This will be an interesting race to watch since it will most likely set up a race between two of the three most popular former Governor’s in recent Virginia political history (the other one, Mark Warner, is already in […]