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South Korean President Removed From Office After Impeachment

South Korean Flag

South Korea removes a corrupt leader by peaceful means.

Obama’s Visit To Hiroshima Brings Reflection, But No Apologies

Obama Hiroshima

President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima left just the impression it should have.

U.S., South Korea Hint At Military Buildup In Response To Nuclear Test

South Korean U.S. Flags

The United States and South Korea are hinting at increased military cooperation in the wake of last week’s North Korean nuclear test.

Kim Jong Un Claims North Korea Has Thermonuclear Weapons, But It Probably Doesn’t

North Korea Nukes

North Korea’s mercurial leader now claims to have thermonuclear weapons, but analysts are saying this is likely braggadocios nonsense.

Kim Young-Sam, President Who Led South Korea Out Of Military Rule, Dies At 87

South Korean Flag

Kim Young-Sam, the former President of South Korea whose time in office marked the beginning of that nation’s turn away from military rule, died early Sunday at the age of 87: SEOUL, South Korea — Kim Young-sam, the former president of South Korea who replaced the last of the country’s military leaders, purged politicized generals […]

North And South Korea Exchange Fire

Kim Jong Un seems to be ramping up tensions on the Korean Peninsula yet again: SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea and South Korea fired hundreds of artillery shells across their disputed western sea border on Monday, escalating military tensions a day after the North threatened to conduct more nuclear tests. South Korean officials said […]

North Korea Threatens The South, Again

North and South Korea

The North Koreans are back to their old tricks.

South Koreans Expand Air Defense Zone In Challenge To China

China Japan South Korea Flags

The ongoing client in the seas and skies in the Western Pacific took a new turn when South Korea announced an expansion of its own air defense zone: SEOUL, South Korea — Defying both China and Japan, South Korea announced on Sunday that it was expanding its air patrol zone for the first time in […]

U.S. Challenges China’s Claim Of Expanded Air Defense Zone With B-52 Patrol

B-52 Stratofortress

China sends a message, and the U.S. responds. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

Talks Between North And South Korea Appear To Collapse

North and South Korea

Last week, it seemed like North and South Korea were inching toward resuming the direct contacts that had been cut off during the spring’s increase in tension on the peninsula. Now, it appears as though those efforts have collapsed: SEOUL, South Korea — An agreement between North and South Korea to hold high-level government talks […]

South Korea Elects First Female President

South Korea’s Presidential election ended in a victory for the conservative party, but ended up being historic for other reasons: Park Geun-hye is headed back to the Blue House. On Wednesday, South Koreans chose the daughter of South Korea’s Cold War strongman Park Chung-hee as the country’s next President. Park, the 60-year-old leader of the conservative […]

Japan And South Korea Also Arguing Over A Bunch Of Rocks


In addition to the conflict between China and Japan over a series of islands in the South China Sea, there’s a also a brewing conflict over another set of what mostly amount to a bunch of rocks between Japan and South Korea: DOKDO/TAKESHIMA — As they do on any fine-weather day, ferries on Thursday disgorged […]

China Ready To Bail On North Korea?

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and China's President Hu Jintao talk during their meeting in Beijing

The latest Wikileaks revelations suggest that China may not be willing to protect North Korea for much longer.

North Korea Warns Of Consequences If U.N. Condemns Attack On South Korean Warship


More bluster from the Pyongyang regime: UNITED NATIONS — North Korea’s ambassador to the United Nations said Tuesday that his country’s military would respond forcefully to any Security Council condemnation over the sinking of a South Korean warship, warning that “our people and army will smash our aggressors.” In a rare news conference, the envoy, […]

Opinion on North Korea


Tensions continue to rise on the Korean Peninsula in the wake of the sinking of the South Korean naval vessel ROKS Cheonan by a North Korean torpedo on March 26, 2010 with the loss of the lives of 46 South Korean sailors. When the attack, presumably by a North Korean miniature submarine, occurred, the South […]

Is The World Ready For A North Korean Collapse?


With tensions continuing to rise on the Korean Peninsula and the latest round of talks in China seemingly ending with no real progress, some analysts are wondering if the world is prepared for the effects of a collapse of the Pyongyang regime: [G]iven the worsening economy, the inexperience of the putative successor and the unknown […]

Korean Tensions Rise As South Cuts Off Most Ties With Pyongyang


Things continue to get tense on the Korean Peninsula: BEIJING — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton expressed full U.S. support Monday for South Korea’s decision to take tough new steps against North Korea and said Pyongyang’s “belligerence” has created a “highly precarious situation” in the region. Hours earlier, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak announced […]

U.S. Accuses Kim Jong Il Of Ordering Attack On South Korean Warship


The tensions on the Korean peninsula over the attack on the South Korean Cheonan, continue to mount: A new American intelligence analysis of a deadly torpedo attack on a South Korean warship concludes that Kim Jong-il, the ailing leader of North Korea, must have authorized the torpedo assault, according to senior American officials who cautioned […]

Hillary Clinton Warns North Korea Over “Provocative Actions”


Speaking in Japan, Secretary of State Clinton joined the small chorus of voices condemning North Korea for sinking a South Korean warship: TOKYO — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton harshly condemned North Korea on Friday for a deadly torpedo attack on a South Korean Navy warship last March, and promised to marshal an international […]

South Korea Accuses North Of Sinking Navy Ship


After dancing around the issue of blame for two months, today South Korea formally accused the North Koreans of sinking a South Korean warship: South Korea will formally blame North Korea on Thursday for launching a torpedo at one of its warships in March, causing an explosion that killed 46 sailors and heightened tensions in […]

Web’s Latin-Only Policy Ending


Starting in two weeks, users from countries who don’t use the Latin alphabet will find using the Internet much easier, FT reports. Latin script’s monopoly in internet domain names will end next month, a development that could usher in a fresh wave of internet usage from Bulgaria to China. So far, finding web addresses has […]

The Korea Solution

At New Atlanticist Bernard Finel proposes an alternative to the counter-insurgency strategy we have now apparently adopted in Afghanistan. His proposal consists of six components: Withdraw combat forces from Afghanistan. Provide substantial assistance to the Afghan government as and after we withdraw. Re-affirm our commitment to removing Taliban or related elements from Afghanistan. Work to […]

North Korea July 4th Missiles


As widely expected, the DPRK fired some missiles on the 4th of July. Apparently, however, they were not aimed at Hawaii. North Korea fired seven ballistic missiles off its eastern coast Saturday, South Korea said, a violation of U.N. resolutions and an apparent message of defiance to the United States on its Independence Day. The […]

Buying the Same North Korean Horse and Accepting the Unacceptable


Yesterday Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned North Korea that the United States would not accept North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons: “We will not stand idly by as North Korea builds the capability to wreak destruction on any target in the region — or on us,” Mr. Gates told a major security conference here that […]

The “Obama Era of American Retrenchment”?


A president’s public statements on foreign policy have a number of audiences and can serve a variety of different functions. He may be speaking to the government of a prospective adversary or that country’s people, he may be be speaking to the governments or people of our allies, and, most importantly, he will be speaking […]

Of Course You Know This Means War: North Korean Edition


North Korea has launched a short-range anti-ship missile into the sea and announced that is no longer bound by the 56 year old armistice that suspended the Korean War: May 27 (Bloomberg) — North Korea threatened a military response to South Korean participation in a U.S.-led program to seize weapons of mass destruction, and said […]

The North Korean Nuke Test: It’s a Dessert Topping and a Floor Wax!

Any number of theories have been advanced for why the North Koreans elected to test a nuclear weapon yesterday. There’s no particular reason for the test to have been conducted for any one reason. It may well have been conducted for domestic political reasons as well as having had the effect of raising the stakes […]

North Korea Conducts Nuclear Test


South Korean and Russian scientists have confirmed that North Korea has conducted an underground test of a nuclear weapon: SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea conducted an underground nuclear test on Monday, heightening tension in the economic powerhouse of East Asia and prompting U.N. Security Council members to call an emergency meeting. Russia said the nuclear […]

North Korea: Choosing the Lesser Evil


In an op-ed in the Christian Science Monitor Ted Galen Carpenter proposes a solution to our problems in dealing with North Korea that not only shocks me but puzzles me as well: There is a final option that deserves consideration. It would amount to inducing (bribing) China to remove Kim Jong Il’s regime and install […]

Tensions Mounting Over North Korean Launch

North Korea Missile

For the last several months tensions have been mounting over what the North Koreans have said is a satellite launch and South Korea, Japan, and the United States believe is the test of a long range missile. First, word appeared in the South Korean press that the launch was being prepared. Then the North Koreans […]

Responding to North Korea

North Korea has moved what they have called a satellite launch vehicle and Japan, South Korea, and the United States believe is a long-range missile into position for launching as early as next week. Japan has announced its intention of shooting the missile down should it near Japanese territory. Japan, South Korea, and the United […]

Broadband Gap: Why America Lags Behind


Saul Hansell details the fact that broadband Internet access is faster, cheaper, and more universal in most of the developed world, if not as much so as many think.  The explanation as to why is rather obvious but continually overlooked in just about any comparison ever made between the United States and other countries: Urban […]

The Asian Economic Slump

Japan’s economy is in its greatest downturn in 50 years: Feb. 9 (Bloomberg) — Japan’s economy is deteriorating at a pace unseen in the past half century, the central bank’s chief economist said. “Japan’s recent economic decline is faster than that of the U.S., which has been experiencing the worst financial crisis in a century,” […]

North Korea Will Not Be Ignored

North Korea is to countries what Alex Forrest was to one-night stands. It will not be ignored: SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea warned Sunday that South Korea’s confrontational policies may trigger a war on the divided peninsula, a message coming two days after the communist country vowed to abandon all peace agreements with its […]