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Canada On Track For Marijuana Legalization By Mid-2018


Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party is set to follow through on a campaign promise.

White House Hints At Major Changes To Federal Policy Regarding Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Plant

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer hinted that the Federal Government may stop giving deference to states that have legalized marijuana.

California, Four Other States, Set To Vote On Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Plant

If polls are any indication, voters are set to legalize marijuana in five more states on Tuesday.

California Will Vote On Marijuana Legalization In November

Marijuana Plant

Californians are set to vote on marijuana legalization in November and, this time, it looks like it will pass.

Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit Against Legal Pot In Colorado

Colorado Marijuana

The Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit filed by Nebraska and Oklahoma against Colorado’s decision to legalize marijuana.

Postal Service Bars Newspapers That Advertise Marijuana From The Mail, Even Where It’s Legal

Marijuana Plant

The Post Office is saying that it will not accept for mail any publication that includes ad for marijuana, even in states where it has been legalized.

Delaware Becomes The Latest State To Decriminalize Marijuana

Marijuana Plant

Delaware has become the latest state to liberalize its laws regarding marijuana.

Mexico’s Supreme Court Opens The Door To Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Plant

A decision from Mexico’s Supreme Court has opened the door to legalization of marijuana south of the border, but it’s likely to proceed much slower than in the United States or Canada.

Bernie Sanders Wants To End The Federal Marijuana Ban, Conservatives Should Support Him


Senator Bernie Sanders wants to let states decide how to regulate marijuana, or to not regulate it at all if they choose. Intellectually honest conservatives should support his effort.

Marijuana Legalization Loses In Ohio, But The Battle For Legalization Continues Forward

Marijuana Plant

A controversial marijuana legalization initiative that even many pro-legalization advocates opposed, lost in Ohio last night. But the nationwide momentum in favor of legalization will likely not be abated.

New Poll Shows Support For Marijuana Legalization Continues To Rise


Public support for marijuana legalization continues to rise. As with the marriage equality movement, it’s obvious where this will end, The only question is how long it will take to get there.

New Canadian Government Likely To Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana March For Freedom Is Held on Parliament Hill

Canada’s Liberal Party ran on a platform that includes nationwide marijuana legalization. With the election won, it seems only a matter of time before Canadians will be able to light up legally.

Chris Christie Still Has Reefer Madness

Marijuana Plant

Chris Christie says he would ignore states that have legalized marijuana if he became President. Fortunately, he will most likely never be President.

Colorado Supreme Court Rules Employee Can Be Fired For Smoking Pot At Home

Colorado Marijuana

Marijuana is legal in Colorado, but it’s illegal under Federal Law. Because of that, the Colorado Supreme Court dismissed a claim by resident who was fired when he tested positive for pot.

Chris Christie’s Reefer Madness

Christie Jan 9 Presser

When it comes to marijuana policy, Chris Christie is stuck in the past.

Oklahoma And Nebraska Sue Colorado Over Marijuana Legalization

Colorado Marijuana

Nebraska and Oklahoma are suing Colorado over the Centennial State’s decision to legalize marijuana, but they don’t seem to have much of a case.

Republicans Seek To Use Budget To Block D.C. Marijuana Legalization


The budget bill Congress set to pass Congress would effectively reverse the will of the voters of Washington, D.C., who just voted to legalize marijuana.

Republican Congress May Not Act To Block Marijuana Legalization In Washington, D.C.


Somewhat missed in Election Day’s Republican landslide was the fact that a referendum to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes had passed overwhelmingly in Washington, D.C. In the wake of that victory, though, was the question of whether or not the newly Republican Congress would try to block implementation of the measure under their power to […]

Majority Of Americans Support Marijuana Legalization, 64% For Americans 18-34


Support for legalizing marijuana continues to grow slowly but surely.

Voters In Washington, D.C. And Oregon, And Probably Alaska, Approve Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Plant

Big victories for advocates of marijuana legalization.

Marijuana Legalization On The Ballot In Oregon, Alaska, And Washington, D.C.

Marijuana Plant

Two states and the nation’s capital could have legal marijuana after Tuesday’s elections.

Senator Jeff Merkley Becomes First Senator To Endorse Pot Legalization


Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley has ventured into an issue that, so far, none of his fellow Senators have felt comfortable following: Sen. Jeff Merkley says he plans to vote for a ballot measure on Election Day to legalize marijuana in Oregon. “I lean in support of it,” the Democratic senator told TPM in an interview […]

Social Issues Now Benefiting Democrats


Once something that generally benefited Republicans, social issues are now becoming a wedge issue for Democrats.

Majority of Florida Voters Supports Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Plant

In November, voters in Florida will be voting on a referendum on whether or not to legalize marijuana for medicinal uses, but a new poll indicates that a majority of Floridians support full legalization already: A majority of Florida voters support legalization of recreational marijuana, a new poll says. According to a Quinnipiac University poll released Monday, 55 […]

The New York Times Endorses Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Plant

The Grey Lady sees the light on a major part of the War On Drugs.

Oregon Will Vote On Marijuana Legalization On November Ballot

Marijuana Plant

This November, Oregonians will have a chance to vote on an initiative that would legalize marijuana for recreational use: (CNN) - A citizen-led petition to place legalization of recreational marijuana on the November ballot in Oregon obtained enough signatures, making the Beaver State the next place pot could be legally sold, bought and consumed. More than […]

Will Legal Pot Hurt Denver’s Chances Of Getting The Republican Convention?

Marijuana Plant

Fears about convention goers taking advantage of Colorado’s marijuana laws could harm Denver’s chances of getting the GOP Convention.

Former Supreme Court Justice: Legalize Pot

Marijuana Plant

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has endorsed legalization of marijuana: Retired Justice John Paul Stevens made some news in an interview with NPR’s Scott Simon on Thursday. Scott asked him if the federal government should legalize marijuana. “Yes,” Stevens replied. “I really think that that’s another instance of public opinion [that’s] changed. And […]

Majority Of Colorado Voters Have Smoked Pot

Marijuana Plant

This is perhaps the least surprising poll result ever: More than half of all Colorado residents have tried marijuana at some point in their lives, according to a collection of data released by Quinnipiac University pollsters. Quinnipiac, which is based in Connecticut, conducts scads of state-by-state polling and, on Friday morning, tweeted out a chart comparing […]

Florida To Vote On Medical Marijuana Legalization In November


Florida could become the next state to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes depending on the fate of a ballot initiative that will appear on the ballot in the Sunshine State this November: (Reuters) – Florida voters will decide in November whether to legalize medical marijuana after the state Supreme Court on Monday approved an initiative […]

Ted Cruz: State’s Rights Hypocrite

Ted Cruz

Like many of his fellow “Tea Party” conservatives, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been a strong advocate of the idea of state’s rights and federalism, but apparently that doesn’t apply when it comes to marijuana: Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas on Friday criticized President Barack Obama for not arresting people in Colorado who violated […]

The Conservative Case For Legalizing Marijuana

Marijuana Plant

Marijuana legalization is an issue that unites people across the political aisle.

Refer Madness Among The Acela Corridor Crowd

Marijuana Plant

The latest news on the marijuana legalization front has led David Brooks and others to go into a completely pathetic panic.

Maine (Or At Least One City) Next To Decriminalize Marijuana?

Marijuana Plant

Portland, Maine seems to about to make some progress in the fight against dumb laws.

Marijuana Legalization Passes In Colorado And Washington


Two states have legalized marijuana, but before you light up you should know that there are some complications.