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Canada On Track For Marijuana Legalization By Mid-2018


Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party is set to follow through on a campaign promise.

New Canadian Government Likely To Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana March For Freedom Is Held on Parliament Hill

Canada’s Liberal Party ran on a platform that includes nationwide marijuana legalization. With the election won, it seems only a matter of time before Canadians will be able to light up legally.

Nixon Predicted Justin Trudeau Would Be Prime Minister Of Canada 43 Years Ago

Nixon Farewell Helicopter

With last night’s big victory by Canada’s Liberal Party in national elections, many news outlets have dug up an old story about the time Richard Nixon toasted Liberal Party leader, and Canada’s new presumptive Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau would be Prime Minister of Canada one day: Even as a baby, great things were expected of […]

Canadian Voters Kick Stephen Harper Out Of Office After Nine Years

Ottawa Shooting 20141022

A political earthquake north of the border.