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Canada On Track For Marijuana Legalization By Mid-2018


Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party is set to follow through on a campaign promise.

New Canadian Government Likely To Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana March For Freedom Is Held on Parliament Hill

Canada’s Liberal Party ran on a platform that includes nationwide marijuana legalization. With the election won, it seems only a matter of time before Canadians will be able to light up legally.

Nixon Predicted Justin Trudeau Would Be Prime Minister Of Canada 43 Years Ago

Nixon Farewell Helicopter

With last night’s big victory by Canada’s Liberal Party in national elections, many news outlets have dug up an old story about the time Richard Nixon toasted Liberal Party leader, and Canada’s new presumptive Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau would be Prime Minister of Canada one day: Even as a baby, great things were expected of […]

Canadian Voters Kick Stephen Harper Out Of Office After Nine Years

Ottawa Shooting 20141022

A political earthquake north of the border.

Conservative Party In Danger Of Losing Majority In Canada, But Outcome Still In Doubt

Ottawa Shooting 20141022

If pre-election polling is to be believed, Stephan Harper and Canada’s Conservative Party seem likely to lose power after Monday’s elections, but there are several reasons why this may not end up being the case.

Harper Calls Canadian Elections For October 19th


Over the weekend, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper started the process that will lead to national elections in October: OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada called federal elections on Sunday, hoping to extend his Conservative Party’s decade-long hold on power despite questions about its ethics and a struggling economy. By law, Mr. Harper […]

An Electoral Earthquake In Alberta


Possibly big news out of Canada

The Attack On Canada’s Parliament And The Lone Wolf Terrorist

Ottawa Shooting 20141022

Yesterday’s apparent terrorist shooting in Ottawa reveals again a phenomenon that seems difficult if not impossible to stop in advance.

Ted Cruz Not Canadian Anymore

Ted Cruz

About a year after it was revealed that he was considered a citizen of Canada under Canadian law, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has completed the process of renouncing his Canadian citizenship: It’s official: Sen. Ted Cruz is no longer a dual citizen of Canada. The Texas senator “has formally renounced his Canadian citizenship and pursuant […]

Why Did Canada Avoid The Worst Of The 2008 Financial Crisis?


Barry Ritholtz passes along this interesting article examining the reasons why Canada was able to avoid the worst effects of the 2008 financial crisis. It isn’t necessarily what you might expect, the Canadian and American banking systems share many similarities, for example, and there isn’t substantially more regulation of banking in Canada than there is […]

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Is Running For Re-Election

Rob Ford

The guy who may be the most unique Mayor in all of North America formally opened his re-elec Toronto Mayor Rob Ford officially launched his re-election campaign before a crowd of supporters Thursday night — sticking closely to the issues he has stressed over his last four years as mayor. In a 30-minute speech before […]

Canadian Regulators: Canadian Porn Isn’t Canadian Enough


The agency that appears to be Canada’s equivalent to the Federal Communications Commission is apparently concerned that Canadian erotica channels are not broadcasting enough Canadian porn: For failing to broadcast sufficient levels of Canadian-made pornography — and failing to close-caption said pornography properly — a trio of Toronto-based erotica channels has earned a reprimand from […]

Canadian Supreme Court Strikes Down Laws Against Prostitution


Will we soon see “The Best Little Whorehouse In Canada?”

Canada Breaks Diplomatic Relations With Iran


In a move that comes as a surprise only because it came seemingly without warning that there is anything wrong between the two nations, Canada has severed all diplomatic relations with Iran, closed its embassy, and ordered Iranian diplomats to leave the country: (CNN) – Canada suspended relations with Iran and expelled the country’s diplomats Friday, calling the […]

Socialist Canadians Wealthier Than Capitalist Americans?


“The average Canadian has quietly become richer than the average American,” claims a pro-Canada organization.

Will Iceland Go Loonie?


Iceland is considering adopting the Canadian dollar as its official currency: Will the loonie soon be flying high in … Iceland? For months, Icelanders have been toying with the idea of ditching the tarnished krona, which has never fully recovered from the collapse of the financial system four years ago. But one of the intriguing […]

As Goes Canada, So Goes….. Canada


Yesterday’s Canadian Parliamentary elections resulted in the first outright majority government in seven years, and a huge victory for Stephen Harper’s conservatives: TORONTO — Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper won his coveted majority government in elections that changed Canada’s political landscape, with the opposition Liberals and Quebec separatists suffering a shattering defeat. Harper, who took office […]

Oh, Canada


Canada is leading the operation in Libya but no one is leading Canada.

Tales of Border Security


American cops increasingly think they can harass innocents in the name of keeping us safe.

Kwame James, Shoe Bomb Hero, Becomes Citizen

Kwame James Citizen

Kwame James, a private citizen who helped subdue Richard Read, is now an American citizen. Kwame James had to wait nearly 10 years to be sworn in as a U.S. citizen, a long time compared with the time he spent helping subdue would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid on a trans-Atlantic flight.  James, now 32, wore […]

Taxes Per Person


Harvard economist Greg Mankiw argues that taxation as a percentage of GDP is a misleading way to compare national tax burdens and instead argues that we should consider taxes per person, which he calculates as Taxes/GDP x GDP/Person.   Using this metric, the United States is in the middle of the pack of major economies: France […]

Socialism vs. Welfare Statism vs. Free-Markets vs. Corporatism


One of the annoying things about America’s two-party system is that with so much of the political discussion locked in a “us vs. them” rhetorical stance it’s difficult to rise out and see how political models might move in a very different direction. We get so logjammed with overheated rhetoric that it’s sometimes difficult to […]

Canada Beats USA in Overtime for Olympic Hockey Gold


Team Canada beat Team USA 3-2 on an overtime goal by Sidney Crosby. A shame for Team USA, which outplayed expectations, beating Canada in the early rounds and arriving undefeated in the gold medal game. It’s a rather odd tournament structure for an undefeated team to face a rematch in the championship game against a […]

Gays in the Military: Other Countries Do It


Both Steve Chapman and Ilya Somin argue that, since other countries let gays serve in the military without harming unit cohesion, America can, too. Chapman: It’s not completely implausible that in a military environment, open homosexuality might wreak havoc on order and morale. But the striking thing about these claims is that they exist in […]

Newfoundland Premier Heads to USA for Surgery


A senior Canadian politician is heading to the USA for heart surgery. Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams is set to undergo heart surgery this week in the United States. CBC News confirmed Monday that Williams, 60, left the province earlier in the day and will have surgery later in the week. The premier’s office […]

Huckabee Fundraising in Canada


Think Progress‘ Ben Armbruster thinks he has Mike Huckabee in an inconsistency over the value of a Republican “big tent.” At a fundraiser in Canada last weekend, Huckabee stated definitively that the “big tent” will “kill the conservative movement“: HUCKABEE: One of the things that concerns me is that in the United States there’s a […]

Health Care: Better, Faster, Cheaper!

health care costs bed

In a much discussed post, Ezra Klein produced a series of graphs showing that Americans pay more for office visits, scans and imaging, drugs, and other aspects of health care — often, far more — than is the case in Canada or Western Europe. There is a simple explanation for why American health care costs […]

Why We Drive on the Right – And Others Don’t


Monday, Samoa will switch to driving on the left side of the road in order to benefit from cheap used cars from Australia and New Zealand.  This gave Time’s Randy James to explain, “Why Don’t We All Drive on the Same Side of the Road?”  It’s especially odd that two-thirds of the world drives on […]

Health Reform: What Liberals Want


Kevin Drum seconds Alex Massie that a British-style nationalized health system is not a politically feasible option in the United States.  Indeed, even Democrats don’t want that: [W]ith the exception of a few outliers, the liberal community really, truly doesn’t want a fully government owned and operated healthcare system like the NHS.  We want a […]

Quote of the Day – One World Edition

“I just purchased a Routan. I really like it. My friends tell me it’s a Chrysler. I firmly say ‘No!’ to them. I proudly point to my Routan and announce that it’s an American engineered German branded Fiat, manufactured in Canada, using some Japanese parts, by a company that is majority owned by American taxpayers. […]

Health Care Outcomes


I’ve argued in the past that health care outcomes like infant mortality and life expectancies are not really very good measures of a country’s health care services since such outcomes are also a function of variables that are outside the control of health care services. A person who is morbidly obese and refuses to change […]

Memorial Day – Canuck Edition


Richard Florida passes along this snippet from The illustrated History of Canada: American draft dodgers in Canada were far outnumbered by the young Canadians who joined U.S. forces to fight in Vietnam. This factoid may be in that category Stephen Colbert would call “truthy” and Dan Rather would call “false but true.” Canada did not […]

Will Wilkinson – Canadian


Will Wilkinson became a Canadian at midnight.  Canadian Press’ Bruce Cheadle reports: Wilkinson, to use the breezy term used by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, will be “waking up Canadian” on Friday morning as new and controversial changes to the Citizenship Act become law. “It’s a strange thing to all-of-a-sudden one day gain a citizenship to […]

What is NATO’s Future?

NATO Protestor

Canadian defense minister Peter MacKay argues that NATO faces an existential crisis in Afghanistan and it’s time for “a frank discussion” about the future of the alliance. In my New Atlanticist essay, “Canada: Time for ‘Frank Discussion’ About NATO Future,” I challenge his premise while agreeing with his conclusion: Countries routinely go to war, fail […]

Foreign Policy Blogging


I’ve posted several items today over at New Atlanticist. In “Europe Helping Iran Get Nuclear Weapons, I discuss Benjamin Weinthal’s charges in WSJ Europe that European firms and governments, particularly those in Germany and Austria, are actively supporting the regime in Teheran and are at best indifferent to Iran’s nuclear program. In “Canada’s MacKay Unlikely […]

True North

From the Toronto Star: OTTAWA—Canada stood alone before a United Nations human rights council yesterday, the only one among 47 nations to oppose a motion condemning the Israeli military offensive in Gaza. The vote before the Geneva-based body shows the Stephen Harper government has abandoned a more even-handed approach to the Middle East in favour […]

Health Care Tradeoffs (Updated)


Ezra Klein wrote an interesting post Wednesday arguing that extending life through medical intervention is expensive and that tradeoffs and rationing have to be made.  The only question, then, is how much value is placed on that extra unit of health care and who’s making the valuation. The inverse of the American health care system […]

Clear Card Security Breached

Clear Card

The company that’s contracted to provide Clear Card, the TSA’s handy-dandy system for screening out terrorists (or, at least, providing people willing to shell out 150 bucks slightly shorter lines) has managed to lose its customers’ sensitive data and compromise the entire system. The company that runs the Clear system, which speeds customers through airport […]

Support Canada’s Troops

Support Our Troops Montreal

I saw this gigantic “Support Our Troops” poster hanging from a building in downtown Montreal over the weekend: It’s interesting to see given Canada’s image as less martial than the United States, a reputation presumably earned by their sheltering of our Vietnam draft dodgers. It’s useful to recall that, Mark Steyn notwithstanding, America isn’t alone […]

Canada: American Military Deserters Not Welcome


If you’ve volunteered for service in the U.S. Armed Forces but don’t actually want to go to war, don’t count on hiding in Canada. The Canadian government’s effort to remove [U.S. Army deserter James Corey] Glass contrasts with the warm reception given to deserters and draft avoiders from the United States during the war in […]

G8 and EU Growing Pains

Sarkozy Wins Photo

Two articles cited in today’s Small Wars Journal roundup have almost nothing to do with wars, small or otherwise, but are nonetheless interesting in showing the state of flux of some key international institutions. Steven Erlanger reports on a bold attempt to forge a “Union of the Mediterranean” which would be something of a minor […]

Iraqi Yellowcake Uranium Moved to Montreal

Iraq Yellowcake Montreal Photo

Saddam’s supply of yellowcake has been secretly sold to a Canadian energy firm and flown safely to Montreal. The last major remnant of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program – a huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium – reached a Canadian port Saturday to complete a secret U.S. operation that included a two-week airlift from Baghdad and […]

Obama = Charismatic = Hitler = Armageddon


Arthur Silber is, as am I, fascinated by the cult of personality surrounding Barack Obama.  He notes some anecdotal creepy gushing on a local radio show and then Reactions of this kind to Obama are fairly common. No, they are not this extreme much of the time, but such statements are far from unusual. And […]

Obama’s Prudent Inconsistency

Only Barack Obama Consistently Opposed NAFTA Flyer

If a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, Barack Obama is a wise man, indeed. He’s changed his mind a lot lately. The latest example is NAFTA. After having campaigned in Ohio and elsewhere on the need to renegotiate our trade agreement with Canada and Mexico and excoriating Hillary Clinton for her long-time […]

Psychic Information Began Child Abuse Investigation

A Canadian mother was recently subjected to a child abuse investigation on the grounds that a psychic informed a school district employee that a child was being abused. The mother of an autistic girl says the public school board was “completely unprofessional” to formulate a theory that her daughter was being sexually abused based on […]

Freedom to Offend an American Exceptionalism

MacLean's Muslim Hate Cover

Adam Liptak reminds us that free speech rights are much more extensive in the United States than in most of the developed world. He cites the ongoing suit against Canada’s MacLean’s magazine and the numerous judgments against Brigitte Bardot in France, both for speech that offended Muslims. “In much of the developed world, one uses […]

Caption Contest Winners


The Cash and Kerry Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Another Reason to Vote for McCain


The Diplomad labels Susan Sarandon’s threat that, “if John McCain gets elected, she will move to Italy or Canada” as “The Best Reason to Vote for McCain.” Except, of course, she’s unlikely to follow through. Alec Baldwin’s still here, after all.

Preparing For The Digital TV Transition


On February 17, 2009, most analog television broadcasting in the United States will cease, with the exception of some “low-power” television stations and stations physically located in Canada and Mexico that broadcast to U.S. audiences. After that date, most televisions bought before 2005 will not be able to tune into most over-the-air TV channels without […]

Question Time for the USA


Christopher Hitchens draws attention to a proposal by John McCain that received scant attention when announced last week: “I will ask Congress,” said the presumptive Republican nominee, “to grant me the privilege of coming before both houses to take questions, and address criticism, much the same as the prime minister of Great Britain appears regularly […]

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