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Trump To Skip White House Correspondent’s Dinner

White House Correspondents Dinner

This year’s White House Correspondents Association Dinner will be missing one high-profile guest.

Trump Continues His Unacceptable Attacks On The News Media


The Trump Administration is continuing, and indeed expanding, its war on a free press.

Milo Yiannopoulos And The State Of American Conservatism

Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos was a troll and a peddler in offensiveness, but the fact that he became a star on the American right was the result of a transformation of American conservatism that has been entirely unhealthy.

There’s Only One Right Side In Trump’s Unjustified War On The News Media

Trump Surrounded By Cameras

There are two sides in this war between Trump and the media, but only one of them is the right side.

Trump Administration Spends First Day Lying About Crowd Size And Attacking Reporters

Donald Trump Shrug

The first full day of Donald Trump’s Presidency consisted largely of obsessions with irrelevant facts and outright lies.

Final Presidential Debate Draws 71.6 Million Viewers

Third Presidential Debate

The final debate of 2016 didn’t draw as many viewers as the first Hillary v. Donald match-up, but it still drew a respectable number.

Second Presidential Debate Draws 66.5 Million Viewers

Trump Clinton Second Debate

Viewership for the second debate fell some twenty percent from the first debate, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that voter are losing interest.

Vice-Presidential Debate Draws Lowest Viewership Since 2000


Tuesday night’s running mate debate had lower viewership than any such encounter in sixteen years.

Fox News Pays Gretchen Carlson $20 Million To Settle Sexual Harassment Allegations

Fox News Logo

Roger Ailes’s sexual harassment has led to Fox News paying out some big dollars.

John McLaughlin, McLaughlin Group Host, Dead At 89

McLaughlib Group

A precursor to modern cable political news with an interesting past has passed away at the age of 89.

Donald Trump’s Attacks On The Media Are Irresponsible And Irrational

Donald Trump Speaking Closeup

Donald Trump has spent more time recently attacking the news media than anything else. He ought to be condemned for it.

Roger Ailes Is Out At Fox News Channel

Roger Ailes

Big change at America’s most-watched cable news network.

Roger Ailes May Be On The Way Out At Fox News Channel

Roger Ailes

As the allegations of sexual harassment grow, reports are also growing that Roger Ailes may be out at Fox News much sooner than many may have anticipated.

George Will Leaving GOP Over Donald Trump


George Will isn’t just refusing to vote for Donald Trump, he’s leaving the GOP entirely

In Latest Attack On A Free Press, Donald Trump Denies Credentials To The Washington Post

Trump Apprentice

Donald Trump continues his war on freedom of the press and reporters who cover him critically by barring The Washington Post from covering campaign events.

Should The Media Ignore The Fact That Hillary Clinton Will Clinch The Nomination Tomorrow?


One media critic is arguing that news organizations should ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton will become the Presumptive Democratic Nominee tomorrow. This is utterly ridiculous.

Final Scheduled Republican Debate Canceled

Donald Trump Ted Cruz John Kasich

It looks like we’ve reached the end of the debate schedule for Republicans in 2016 .

Trump Campaign Manager Charged With Assaulting Reporter

Donald Trump Shrug

The violence that Donald Trump encourages among supporters is manifesting itself in real life.

Latest Fox News GOP Debate Garners 16.8 Million Viewers

Eleventh Republican Debate

Thursday’s Republican debate on Fox News Channel proved that the American public remains keenly interested in the 2016 Presidential race: Thursday’s GOP debate on Fox News was the highest-rated debate of 2016 and the fourth-highest-rated primary debate on record. The two-hour debate averaged 16.8 million total viewers — a bigger audience than practically everything else […]

Tenth GOP Debate Garners Estimated 14.5 Million Viewers

Tenth Republican Debate Rubio Trump Cruz

Last night’s Republican debate in Texas received the highest viewership since the start of 2016: The final Republican primary gathering before Super Tuesday produced plenty of insults and fireworks on stage Thursday night — and the largest audience for any debate in more than two months. In Nielsen’s preliminary national estimates, the GOP debate averaged 14.521 […]

Thursday’s MSNBC Democratic Debate Had Lowest Ratings Yet

Clinton Sanders Debate

Thursday night’s MSNBC Democratic debate, the fourth such debate between the Democratic candidates for President and the first to feature only Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, drew the lowest ratings yet: MSNBC’s feisty debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton received high marks from political observers, but not high ratings from ordinary viewers. With 4.5 […]

Bernie Sanders To Do SNL, With Larry David As Host


Bernie Sanders will be doing Saturday Night Live this weekend, and his doppleganger will be there too: Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont plans to travel to New York this weekend to appear on “Saturday Night Live,” interrupting his campaign in New Hampshire for some national television exposure, according to a senior campaign official. Larry David, […]

Trump Says He’ll Skip Fox News Debate

Trump Debate

Donald Trump takes his war with Fox News Channel up a notch, saying he won’t participate in Thursday’s Republican Presidential Debate.

RNC Replaces NBC News With CNN For February Debate

Fifth Republican Debate

CNN is taking over a late February Republican debate from NBC News, meaning it will host more Republican debates this election cycle than any other single network.

Sixth Republican Debate Grabs 11 Million Viewers

Sixth Repulican Debate

The primary debates continue to draw in a lot of viewers.

Obama’s Final State Of The Union Garners Record Low Ratings

Obama 2016 State Of The Union

President Obama’s final State Of The Union address was the lowest rated in quite some time: President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address drew 31.3 million viewers across 12 networks, marking a new record low in viewership, according to Nielsen. More than 21 million people watched on the “big four” broadcast networks. CBS […]

Washington Post Pulls Political Cartoon Depicting Ted Cruz’s Daughters As Monkeys

Ted Cruz And Family

A political cartoonist for The Washington Post crossed a line and, rightfully, got condemned for it.

Third Democratic Debate Grabs 6.7 Million Viewers, The Lowest Yet For Any 2016 Debate

Third Democratic Debate Sanders Clinton O'Malley

To nobody’s surprise, the third Democratic Debate received the lowest ratings yet of any debate so far this election cycle.

Fifth Republican Debate Gets More Than 18 Million Viewers

Fifth Republican Debate

Another set of solid ratings for the latest debate.

NBC To Give Candidates Equal Time Due To Trump SNL Appearance

Trump SNL

At least five of Donald Trump’s opponents will be getting free time on NBC stations to counterbalance the time the Trump received when he hosted Saturday Night Live earlier this month: NBC viewers in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina should be prepared to see a lot of four Republican presidential candidates over the Thanksgiving weekend. […]

Sarah Palin: Now That I Think About It, Katie Couric’s Questions Were Fair After All


Sarah Palin To The ‘Lamestream Media’: Never Mind

Second Democratic Debate Draws 8.5 Million Viewers, Lowest Of Any 2016 Debate So Far

Second Democratic Debate

Not unexpectedly, last night’s Democratic Debate in Iowa drew the lowest ratings of any debate so far: The second Democratic primary debate of the year averaged 8.5 million viewers on Saturday night, far fewer than the audience of the first debate, according to preliminary Nielsen ratings. The debate was the most-watched show of the night […]

Politinerds: Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski


Our guest this week on Politinerds was Buzzfeed News’s Andrew Kaczynski. We discussed how growing up in a conservative family shaped his political views, how he grew is brand in media by finding and sharing videos of politicians like Mitt Romney that ended up going viral and having an impact on politics, the role his college […]

Fox Business Network Debate Draws Roughly 13 Million Viewers, The Fewest Of Any Debate So Far

Fourth Republican Debate Nov 10 2015

Ratings slipped for last night’s debate, but the numbers were still very respectable.

No, Ben Carson Is Not Being Subjected To ‘Unfair’ Scrutiny

Republican Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson at National Press Club

Ben Carson and his supporters would have you believe that he is being subjected to unprecedented and unfair scrutiny. That assertion is completely false.

Ben Carson Releases Rap Music Based Campaign Ad

Republican Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson at National Press Club

Like Donald Trump, Ben Carson is debuting a radio ad this week, but his is a bit more, well, unconventional for a Republican: Ben Carson is stepping up his rap game — sort of. In an appeal to younger black voters in urban markets, the Republican presidential candidate will run a 60-second ad featuring the […]

Donald Trump Hits Radio Airwaves In Early Primary States With Ads

Donald Trump Speaking Closeup

Donald Trump is going up on the air with ads for the first time in the campaign, but so far at least they’re just radio ads that will run in several early primary states: Donald Trump pitches himself as someone who “learned the values of hard work, determination and faith at an early age” in […]

Three More Republican Candidates Drop Out Of Group Effort To “Fix” Debates

Republican Presidential Candidates Hold Third Debate In Colorado

The effort to forge some kind of consensus independent of the RNC among the Republican candidates for President regarding debates appears to have failed. To the surprise of nobody who has been paying attention.

Donald Trump Goes Rogue, Refuses To Sign On To Group Effort To Work Out Debate Details

Donald Trump Hair

Donald Trump is refusing to sign a joint letter to debate organizers drafted by representatives of all the GOP campaigns. Instead, he wants to negotiate with the networks himself.

Republican Campaigns Meet In Effort To “Fix” Debates, But They Won’t Do What’s Necessary

Republican Presidential Candidates Hold Third Debate In Colorado

Representatives from most of the Republican Presidential campaigns met to discuss reforms to the debate process, but none of their ideas will actually improve the quality of debates.

GOP Suspends Debate Partnership With NBC News And Telemundo In Wake Of CNBC Debate


In the wake of Wednesday’s debate, the Republican National Committee has suspended its partnership in a planned February debate with NBC News and Spanish language network Telemundo.

CNBC Debate Had Fewer Viewers Than Any Debate So Far, Which Is Good For CNBC

Republican Presidential Candidates Hold Third Debate In Colorado

While it did draw 14 million viewers, last night’s CNBC debate had the smallest audience of any Presidential debate so far. That was probably a good thing for CNBC considering how bad the debate was.

Fox Business Network Announces Criteria For November 10th Republican Debate

Vote 2016

While Republicans are currently looking forward to the third Republican debate scheduled for this evening, Fox Business Network has announced the criteria for the fourth debate, which will be held just two weeks from now in Wisconsin: The fourth GOP primary debate, on Nov. 10, will feature an undercard debate, Fox Business Network announced Tuesday. […]

CNBC Announces Participants For October 28th Debate

Republican Debate September 16

When CNBC first announced its criteria for the third Republican debate coming up on October 28th, there was some anticipation that it would result in a smaller contingent of candidates on the debate stage than we had seen in the first two debates. This was because the criteria required a candidate to average at least […]

First Democratic Presidential Debate Draws 15 Million Viewers


Last night’s Democratic debate didn’t have Donald Trump to draw in viewers like the first two Republican debates have had, but it still managed to post some pretty respectable viewership numbers: More than 15 million people tuned in to CNN to watch the Democratic presidential candidates’ debate on Tuesday night, according to Nielsen ratings data […]

Second Republican Debate Garners Record-Setting Ratings For CNN

Republican Debate September 16

More than 23 million people watched the debate Wednesday night.

Cable News Is Basically Now Just The Donald Trump Show


Even taking the fact that he is the Republican frontrunner into account, Donald Trump is getting a disproportionate amount of attention from the political media.

CNN To Live Stream September 16th Republican Debate

Republican Debate August 6

CNN will make the September 16th Republican Presidential debate available via live streaming over the Internet: You won’t need to have Trump bucks to watch The Donald in the upcoming debate. CNN will be streaming its Republican presidential debate on September 16 for free without the need for any cable authentication. The news channel is […]

CNN Revises Debate Criteria, Fiorina Now Likely To Make The Cut For The Main Debate

Republican Debate August 6

CNN has revised its criteria for the main September 16th debate such that Carly Fiorina will now most likely make the cut.

First Republican Debate Sets Viewership Record

GOP Debate Aug 15

Last night’s Republican debate on Fox News Channel was a record-setter when it comes to viewership: Last night’s GOP debate on Fox News was the most watched primary debate in history, averaging a whopping 24 million viewers from 9 to just past 11 pm, according to data from Nielsen. 7.9 million of those viewers were […]

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